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Friday, November 17, 2023

Season 15 game 3, Mystery Bounty Madness


Our monthly league always finds a way to spice things up, and this month was no exception. The cards were dealt, the chips were flying, and the stakes were higher than ever as we hosted our much-anticipated Mystery Bounty month. Each player, upon elimination, was handed a mystery envelope containing cash, ranging from a modest $5 to the grand prize of $200. 

The Return of Ackdaddy:

This particular night also marked the return of a familiar face to our poker enclave—Alumni Erich Ackermann, fondly known as Ackdaddy. He stepped in as a substitute for Roger, bringing a renewed energy as he made a final table.

Epic Moments at the Final Table:

Jeff Barton: Lottery winner for the night.

As the night unfolded, the final table showcased an intense showdown featuring Joe Samero, the current league leader, alongside the formidable Lopresti brothers and Shinn. However, it was one hand that left Mikey Mush Lopresti seething with frustration.

In a three-way action-packed hand, Matt went all in, prompting Shinn and Mike Lopresti to initiate a side pot. Mush confidently checked, convinced he had the winning hand. However, Shinn seized the opportunity, making a bold play at the side pot that ultimately coerced Mike into folding. To add salt to the wound, Shinn's cards revealed nothing but a well-executed bluff. Matt seized the opportunity to rebound, building a substantial stack and securing a second-place finish.

Joe LuckBox Samero Emerges Victorious:

The final showdown came down to a clash between Matt and Joe LuckBox Samero. Despite Matt's valiant efforts, Joe emerged victorious, but Matt seized the $200 Big Bounty for the night. With this win, Joe has now claimed the top spot in the league standings after three months of play.

Farewell to Cicali Command Center:

Looking ahead, our poker community bids farewell to the Cicali Command Center, as he is set to move the poker room to a new location. The upcoming game on December 11th at 7:15 PM will mark the last month at the current venue.

Points Update - Season 15, Game 2:


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