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Friday, January 12, 2024

Season 15: Game 5, A New Home

Game 5 of the season was special, marking the grand opening of the new poker mancave, "Hoagies Command Center 2.0."

The poker gods had a sense of humor that night, as Rick found himself in a nerve-wracking situation. Home sick and anxiously awaiting the arrival of his substitute, Tim, Rick was sweating bullets. Tim, almost falling victim to a case of mistaken addresses, narrowly avoided arrest and eventually joined the game. Tim embraced the style that is Rick, and played tight as can be.

Both Harry and Foster had substitutes in tow. Foster's sub, Vince, emerged as a strong force, first taking out his son TJ and then ultimately reaching the heads-up showdown.

Joe Samero, who unfortunately busted early in the game. Despite the setback, Joe held onto the top spot in overall points in the league. But the wolves are onto him.

Pete employed a new strategy, leave with 6,000 in chips still in and play and make the final table. The strategy worked as he doubled his league points from the comfort of his own house.

Ray won Lottery for the night!

A side note echoed through the poker mancave at the final table – a wish for Mark, known as Butter, to "Get Better." He faced a three way all in but was denied in his GTO skills to emerge vicorious.

As the hands unfolded, the spotlight shifted to Matt Lopresti, who took down first for the night. His triumph earned him more than just bragging rights – he secured an entry into the prestigious Borgata Charity Series of Poker event scheduled for January 20. Good Luck Matt!

next game will take place on MON February 19th, designated as Turbo Night.

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