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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Season 15 Game 6, Turbo Night

 Turbo Night Madness

Tonight was Turbo Night, with blind levels lasting just 10 minutes, the action was hot and heavy like Scott at Karaoke Night!

The night started off with a bang as Samero, our early front-runner, suffered an unexpected early loss. Samero's tumble from first to third in the overall points standings was a shock to us all. ( not really ) Jacob took a bad beat from Scott and his antics began.

We had some new faces at the table tonight, with Vince stepping in for Ray M and Tom Brant subbing for Pete. The big news, however, was the return of former league champion Chuck Aquino. Chuck wasted no time reminding us why he's a force to be reckoned with, going on a tear and eventually facing off against Ray C in a tense heads-up battle.

In the end, it was Ray C who emerged victorious, claiming a much-needed win. Chuck, subbing for the absent TJ, put up a valiant fight but ultimately fell just short of the win.

Scott hit the jackpot by winning the lottery. Perhaps those new Trump Golden Sneakers he's been eyeing are finally within reach!

As the dust settles, Matt Lopresti and Hoagie find themselves locked in a dead heat for first place with 80 points each. The competition couldn't be tighter as we head into our

Next game on Monday, March 4, 10k Stack with 30-minute blind levels.

Side Note: The WSOP 2024 Schedule has been announced and is discussed among Hoagie and Keane on their Nerdthusiast Poker Podcast

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