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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Season 15 Game 7: Deep level night

 In what's usually one of the longest nights of the season, our poker night on March 4th ended surprisingly early, wrapping up by 11:30 PM. The 30-minute round levels seemed to speed up the action, with several players busting out faster than normal.

It was a tough night for some of the leaderboard regulars, as Keane, Samero, and Matt L found themselves hitting the rail early. This opened the door for Shinn and Hoagie to make moves up the ranks. Even Pete managed to stick around for the whole game and make it to the final table!

In a hilarious side challenge prop bet, Rick the Grinder attempted the saltine cracker challenge, aiming to eat 6 crackers in 1 minute. Let's just say he won't be entering any eating contests anytime soon!

On the bright side, Harry managed to snag the lottery bonus for the night. Vince, subbing for Butter, made a deep run and showed that his sub services are in high demand. Butter was sick and won't make it next month as well as he won a free cruise to a WPT poker tour event next month. GOOD LUCK

Tim filled in for Mikey Mush, who was off celebrating his birthday in AC. In the end, it was Shinn who faced off against Vince, ultimately securing his second victory of the season. With this win, Shinn is now in second place, right behind Hoagie on the leaderboard.

Mark your calendars for the next game on April 1st at 7:15 PM, Big Stack night!

Also mark your calenders Saturday July 20th Hoagie will be hosting a cash game for the Mike Tyson / Logan Paul Fight. 730PM

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